Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Pictured from left to right; top: P. Randolph Taylor, Scott Baylis, Lyndon Yearick, Scott Lugar, Vaughn Hardin, Ben Muse; bottom: Michael Clement, Noreen Lyons Poole, Jane Goldberg, Catherine Wallace, Carol Hunter, Pat Evans Schulze and Pamela J. Scott. Not pictured: Nicole Bailey Ashton, David L. Baylor, Tom Coons, Chef Tom Hannum and John McMahon.


Scott Lugar
P. Randolph Taylor
Pat Evans Schulze
Vice Chair
Jane Goldberg
Carol Hunter
Vice Chair


Nicole Bailey Ashton
Ashton Group at the Beach
Vaughn Hardin
Labware, Inc.
Scott Baylis
Mr. John McMahon 
David L. Baylor
Chief of Police, Delaware City
Ben Muse
Two Stones Pub
Michael Clement
Patterson Schwartz
Noreen Lyons Poole
Tom Coons
W. L. Gore & Associates
Mrs. Pamela J. Scott
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Kim Fonda
Faw Casson
Catherine Wallace
Capital One
Chef Tom Hannum
Buckley’s Tavern
Lyndon Yearick
State Representative, 34th District